Saturday, December 3, 2011

Anton's Coffee Shop

If you live in Springfield, MO, you are either an Aunt Martha's Pancake House person, or an Anton's person.  I've never been to Aunt Martha's, so I'm not going to do a compare and contrast piece between the two, but I can tell you that Anton's is awesome.

It's a little crowded, which is good, because the people who eat there are as awesome as you are, and they're sitting right next to you.  I've shared a table with people I didn't know before there, but that's rare, and it's only on that one big table they have.  You know the one.  It is extremely rare that I don't know someone eating there on a weekend morning.  Today I saw and talked to three people I knew.  Last week it was two, but I talked to them longer.  A lot longer.  They were probably sick of me.
This week it was Brandon, Nate, and Nick.

You can see from the pictures that it's a little cluttered, with all the menus stapled to the walls, hanging cookware, and whatnot.  Also, there's no clear windows. They all have plastic stapled over them.  Add in the jam packed people and you have a big fat dose of Anton's.  Enclosed, cluttered, crowded.  I know this doesn't really sound all that appealing, but you've got to experience it to appreciate it.  It's awesome.

The thing to eat at Anton's is the omelette. I get one with American cheese, onions, and mushrooms. Jenny gets the Jenny.  They're all really, really good.

So what else about Anton's? They only take cash, the bathrooms are really small, and sometimes you have to wait to get seated.  When you do have a choice of where to sit you should choose the back wall to the left of the cuckoo clock. The temperature is the most stable there. By far the warmest seat is the one by the stained glass windows. In fact, this morning they asked us if we wanted the warm table. I've never had to sit at the table by the door.

Edit: I went to Aunt Martha's the other day, and the building is cool, but the food is sub-optimal.

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