Friday, March 23, 2012

A lot of things that are awesome are awesome at something very specific, and today's post is that kind of post.  The Dagger Dimension tandem whitewater canoe is awesome at class II+ and III whitewater. It is infuriating at anything less, like on the class I Buffalo River. With all that rocker it looks like a banana and it will not go in a straight line, but in whitewater it is a dream.  Super fast turns and rock solid stability are it's strengths.  It has high sides so not much water is getting in, and it is skinny, so it's easy to get strong strokes close to the centerline of the boat.  Jenny and I paddled it tandem on the Hailstone (upper Buffalo River) recently, and it glided through a full day of II and III like the bottom was coated in warm butter.  Awesome!

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  1. Versatile design of the board. Guys have you made this board at home? i just interested to know about the style and performance which allow this board.The shape can be good stable I think and so this one is for Beginners riders.